LED Hi Bay Commercial & Induction Lighting

  • Retrofit Your High Energy Hi Bay Light With A Low Energy LED
  • Eliminate Your Maintenance For 10+ Years
  • Save Up To 80% In Energy Cost


hi bay 150 dlcWe can replace any type of Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium High Bay or Low Bay Lighting with a new or retrofit LED light.  Depending upon the Wattage we can either install a NEW LED Fixture or a Retrofit LED light.  Here are a few examples.


HB Case

LED Hi Bay Light 

Integrated LED system for optimum lifetime performance of up to 20 years. Ideal for Box Stores, Supermarkets, Factories, Warehouses.

2 LED Retrofit Lights Available With 8 Different Wattage Selections

  • 30-40-50 or 60 Watt
  • 80-90,100 or our HO or High Output 135 watt
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) Daylight 80
  • Rated Life 100,000Hrs, Limited 10 Year Warranty on the Retrofit Unit


NEW LED Hi Bay Light and Fixture

HB case 1We have a wide range of NEW LED Hi Bay lights that can replace your existing 100W to 1000W HID lamps and reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%.

  • 80W= 250W HID 7200 lm  UL
  • 100W= 300W HID 9600 lm  UL 
  • 120W= 400 HID 11,000 lm  UL 
  • 150W= 400 HID 13,600 lm  UL  DLC 
  • 160W= 400+ HID 17,000 lm UL  DLC 
  • 200W= 400-600W HID 17,000 lm UL 
  • 300W=400-1000W HID 24,000 lm 


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New or Retrofit Induction Lighting For Hi Bay Lighting Last 100,000 Hours With 5 Year Warranty


Induction lighting brings another excellent alternative energy light source to reduce your energy consumption. They last a long time and cost less money than LED lighting.

Induction lighting

energy light


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